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About Gail Howard

Gail Howard spent six weeks in the remote Galapagos Islands in 1961, when the only visitors to those unspoiled islands were settlers, yachtsmen, adventurers and scientists. For the most part, the unique world Gail Howard experienced during her years of travel has disappeared. The Galapagos Islands are now commercial tourist destinations with planned itineraries and rules and restrictions. Because the world is so different now, Gail Howard's stories should be told.

Since childhood, Gail Howard dreamed of traveling the world. To accomplish her goal, her life's dream, it took Gail Howard twelve years of nonstop travel in 130 countries while she was in her twenties and early thirties.

Gail Howard's family members kept many of the letters that they received from her during these travels, and the narrative of Gail Howard's travel adventures web sites is taken directly from those letters. The photos you see on these sites survived mold, heat, and humidity as best they could in storage for twenty-four years.

Gail Howard had a great curiosity about the world and its people. She was beckoned to faraway places with new and exciting interests to pursue, exotic music to enjoy, new languages to learn and interesting people to meet. Gail Howard delighted in immersing herself in these foreign cultures, sampling exotic local food, and being a dedicated adventurer, traveling to all the major sights.

After twelve years of travel, Gail Howard returned to the United States, settled down, became a stockbroker and was married for 8 years, though she had no children.

During the silver boom of the late 1970's, Gail Howard enjoyed a quick ride as a commodity futures trader and was a licensed Commodity Trading Advisor.

In 1982, Gail Howard stumbled upon her career as a lottery expert. Gail Howard began looking at technical analysis of the New York lottery numbers and made a new discovery for choosing winning lotto numbers. To read the complete story of how this started, click on Gail Howard Interviewed.

Since her start in lottery strategizing, Gail Howard has written several lotto books and has a line of lotto software as well. Five of her lottery books are currently in print, including Gail Howard's best seller, the Lottery Master Guide.

For more information about Gail Howard's lottery products, see Gail Howard's Smart Luck lotto web site for software and books.

Gail Howard is creating web sites with photos and stories of her travel adventures in 130 countries. In addition to this site, Gail Howard has the following sites up: Alaska Photos and Story, Colombia Photos and Story, Egypt Photos and Story, South Pacific Photos and Story, Ecuador Photos and Story, Ceylon Photos and Story, Gambia Photos and Story, Philippines Photos and Story, and Russia Photos and Story.


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