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Gail Howard's Galapagos Islands Photo Gallery

Gail Howard photo gallery is an album of her photographs of the Galapagos Islands. See images of her travel adventures where she meets settlers of the Islands and encounters wildlife such as sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed booby birds, iguanas, and more. Gail's photos also include the amazing landscape scenery of the Galapagos Islands: volcanoes, cactus plants growing out of lava, beaches, and salt beds, to name a few of the spectacular views. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Galapagos Islands Images
Posted by Gail Howard
The Galapagos Islands Cactus growing on lava
Cactus growing out of a hole in lava Sea lion in front of pelicans on lava rocks
Craters like surface of the moon Fragile layer of lava crust breaks with each step
blue-footed booby birds perch on guano laden lava ledge blue-footed booby bird on fuano laden lava ledge
Sea lions on lava with cactus behind red shore plant found only in the Galapagos
red shore plant: Sesurium Edmonstenei Gail Howard in front of sea-sculptured lava rock
Gail Howard sitting in prickly pear cactus Crater bottom with millions of nesting booby birds
booby birds in all stages of development on crater floor mating dance of booby birds
mama booby with newly hatch chick in Daphne crater mama booby bird and her two fluffy babies
mama, papa, and baby booby birds loving mama and papa booby birds with baby
hungry baby frigate bird baby frigate bird
sea lion in front of beautifully sculpted wall of lava dolphins racing our craft
Eddy Niles and Gail Howard carrying a dead goat on a pole Giant Mana Ray that tried to tip over our boat
Johnny Angermeyer, Gail Howard, and Eddy Niles Gail Howard holding a marine iguana
Gail Howard with a baby marine iguana Red-footed booby birds
Flamingo Gail Howard scooping out a slab of salt at salt beds
Friedel Horneman Nelson Friedel Horneman Nelson in front of her house holding Useless, her cat
Friedel Horneman Nelson holding a baby sea lion Friedel's brother, Sigvart Horneman with baby bird
Jacob Peter Horneman Roget and Jacob & Elfriede Horneman
Elfriede and Jacob Horneman Gail Howard with two sea lions
Gail Howard on the beach with sea lions Gail Howard on the beach with sea lions
Beach scattered with sea lions Land iguana
Gail Howard in front of giant cactus Sally Lightfoot Crab
Sally Lightfoot crab on lava rock Lava rocks covered with Sally Lightfoot crabs
Gail Howard in the mangrove tree roots Gail Howard
Galapagos Islands Photos posted by Gail Howard
All Galapagos Photos were taken August-September 1961.

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